Otter Flying Feathers

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Our club offers projects in both Poultry, Gardening and Cloverbuds.

Members do not have to live on a farm to join, we have something for everyone whether you live on a farm or in a townhouse.

Not only do members learn everything they need to know about properly raising poultry or how to properly take care of a garden; but they also gain valuable communication skills through public speaking, demonstrations as well as judging a variety of projects.

Club meetings are held one Friday a month and are completely run by the kids, with guidance from the leaders,The meetings are run just like a mock business meeting, the kids elect their annual president, vice president, secretary, treasurer etc.

We try to make sure there is a job for everyone that would like to participate in the “executive” side of the meetings. These skills give members the confidence to speak out in public, but also helps them in being able to express their thoughts and defend their reasons.

Our club participates in a variety of functions over the year from field trips ( tours of the animal health center to tours of the local feed store) We do fund raisers such as hot dog sales, and we have also taken our poultry projects into a seniors home to visit with the elderly.

We do not hold business meetings in July or August but we do continue to meet for mini workshops in preparation for also going to the fairs and showing their projects. We educate members with lots of fun and action packed activities, as we thoroughly believe in 4-H’s motto “Learn to do by doing”

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